A phone stand is a very important thing to have to hold your smartphone and IOS today. You can find different types of stands in shops that sell phone and phone accessories. However, it is not a must you go to the shop to get a phone stand. You can make it yourself. It is very easy to make this stand provided you follow the steps outlined below. This will help you to customize your stand to your needs. It will also give you a pleasure of being able to produce something peculiar. It is fun to see that you can make a stand for yourself with materials readily available. Today, people are going to wooden stands. Thus I recommend you also use wood to make a good stand. When you have made the first one you can be inspired to make others with improved quality than the previous wood ipad stand. If you have ever wanted to have your best stand, check out the information provided below.

You can tell use any wood that you have. However, the best kind of wood to use to give you the best-finished product would be pine as well as oak wood.

Cut the wood to suit the size of the ipad square stand that you want. The size you want is determined by how big your phone is. Make sure you have a tape measure to help you measure appropriately to make a good cut.

 Make a groove on the space that the phone will lay on using a saw. Ensure that the blade is well adjusted to fit deep inside the wood such that you reach even halfway the width of the wood.  The phone can rest well when inside a deep groove. Keep sawing so that you get deeper into the wood. If you get tired, you can take some water and then get back to work. See to it that you keep adjusting the saw.

You should think of cutting at an angle which gives the phone a chance to also sit at an angle. Think of any angle that would impress you whenever you see you I phone on it. Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_6427314_register-apple-ipad.html to know more about ipad stands.

After cutting you will note that the surface of the wood is rough. You need to make smooth. You can obtain a sand paper from hardware and use it to smoothen the wood.

When you are through with smoothing it, apply linseed oil on top of it. Ensure that you have the right kind of paint. Mix the paint with Turpentine and wait for an hour. Then paint with a soft brush.

When it is dry, you can add some more of the linseed of oil to give it an awesome look. You can choose to apply anything else that will be good to you.


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